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Case Studies

O’shee – 6yr old Labrador Retriever

O’shee had a history of forelimb lameness. After undergoing a CT scan she was diagnosed with mild FCP (Fragmented Coronoid Process), the most common cause of elbow dysplasia. Like lots of joint conditions, eventually they will develop into arthritis, which is the case for O’shee.

After lots of research on how best to help O’shee, her owner discovered that hydrotherapy was a great way to help conservatively manage the condition throughout the stages of progression.

Since December 2021, O’shee has been attending regular weekly sessions, and along with a healthy diet and joint supplements, she is living a happy active life, without the need for medication.

Maisey, Juniper, Nova & Denali – A Family Affair

This adorable little family first came to the centre in October 2023 for fitness and fun. Originally it was only Juniper (Toy Poodle) & Nova (XL Bully) who came for a session, both adore swimming and can’t get through the door quick enough when they arrive. They have hydrotherapy twice weekly as part of their busy exercise schedule.

Maisey (Cockerpoo) has partially torn cruciate ligaments in both knees. Attending hydrotherapy helps increase and maintain muscle mass in her limbs, in case she ever needed surgery. To say Maisey isn’t a fan of swimming would be an understatement. However, since the introduction of a little treat on the resting platform, she’s lots more willing to swim.

Denali (Great Dane) – Her owner’s want her to be confident around water. It’s not advisable to swim dogs under 6 months old, unless for a medical reason. Because Denali is still a puppy, she has a little paddle on the resting platform, so when she’s old enough she’ll have the confidence to swim.

Nixon – 6yr old American Bulldog

Following an orthopaedic consultation in 2022, Nixon was diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia. As surgery wasn’t an option, his owner brought him for some hydrotherapy sessions to help manage the condition and keep him mobile. The pool provides a perfect non-weight bearing environment, allowing for exercise that doesn’t cause stress on the joints. Regular hydrotherapy will help increase muscle mass, cardiovascular fitness, Improve range of motion, and weight loss. Since Nixon started his hydrotherapy journey, he’s lost an impressive 4kg. I must get some tips off him…..