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Hydrotherapy is a healthy, safe and effective form of treatment and exercise for dogs.

North West Canine Hydrotherapy

North West Canine Hydrotherapy was established in 2021, after the owners Black Labrador, Roxy had been experiencing significant joint pain from a young age. Roxy was still a young dog at 3yrs old, and had her best years ahead of her. So, after elbow surgery and lots of research, her owner’s found that hydrotherapy could not only help Roxy’s recovery, but also potentially speed it up.

In 2020, after qualifying as a hydrotherapist Roxy’s owners began the process of opening their own centre.

The centre has grown, and gone from strength to strength over the past 3yrs. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our clients, old and new for supporting us along the way!